Dagger tattoos are some truly scary and fierce ideas, often worn by guys who love to assert dominance in most situations. A dagger tattoo can look quite big and bold, as well as masculine. If you wish to explore your options and you’re all about innovative ideas keep on reading and find something for yourself down below.

What does a dagger tattoo symbolize?

Your next dagger tattoo can vary in terms of its meaning and symbolism based on the size and color that you go for. In most cases, a dagger design can symbolize sacrifice, bravery, and loyalty. It can also stand for your fear of the external world that you wish to fight through, along with some other fears that you may have deep within.

Black & White Dagger Tattoos

1. Black & White Dagger Tattoo On Arm


A black and white knife such as this one is a cool tattoo and is a detailed dagger design that you can enjoy despite your age or your gender. It will symbolize your warrior-like side and fierce attitude, so who wouldn’t love that?

2. Dagger Tattoo & Heart Duo


A dagger tattoo with a heart symbol is for those who have been hurt by their closest one. If you’ve been damaged in any way or if you feel like love has changed or shaped you, this tattoo will suit you!

3. Dagger Tattoo And Rose Print


This dagger and rose tattoo duo symbolizes and show true inner emotions, as well as your openness to being hurt or accepted in your life. We are all human, and this tattoo will show your true side and colors.

4. Dagger Tattoo Through Hearts


A dagger going through several hearts is a symbol of true connection and deep love among you or your closest ones. If you and your family members are connected in some type of way, show your true die-hard love with this tattoo.

5. Flower And Dagger Tattoo


A calf tattoo such as this one is going to look great on most women. If you’re an honest person, as well as someone who loves to explore different and new paths in life, this tattoo is going to look great on you.

6. Black Snake Dagger Tattoo


The black snake and dagger design duo is a symbol of truly deep and dark emotions, as well as your will to conquer it all in your own way. Do you like its shaded outline?

7. Two Birds Dagger Tattoo


Place a dagger on top of your palm or your hand if you want to get a ton of attention with your tattoo. The final result is pretty straightforward and easy to spot, allowing everyone to see and notice you as a true fighter.

8. Dagger Tattoo On Stomach


A stomach dagger tattoo such as this one will look so cute and sexy on most women. If you’re a fan of elegant and quirky ideas + you are a strong and tough lady, give it your all with this stomach concept!

9. Dagger Tattoo On Forearm Design


A small dagger tattoo can stand for any minor issues or concerns that you may have had in your past, yet you’re all ready and willing to give it up now. People who prefer artsy ideas and those who enjoy black minimalism tattoos will enjoy this print.

Colorful Dagger Tattoos

1. Red Dagger Tattoo


A dagger tattoo and a red flower combo are for women who are deeply connected to their romantic and sensual side. If you’re someone who likes colorful ideas and you also enjoy flowers, this is the best of both worlds for you!

2. Artsy Cartoon Dagger Tattoo


Artsy cartoon tattoo such as this one is going to look amazing on women or men who are warriors and have been through a struggle of some sort in the past. If you ever felt betrayed or lost, this tattoo will speak to you in so many different ways!

3. Fun Colorful Dagger Tattoo


Fun and colorful, this dagger tattoo with an animal design will look great on men who live for fun and funky tattoos. If you’re a goofy person or someone who likes cartoons, this will suit you.

4. Puma Dagger Tattoo


Puma is a tough animal, often seen as a symbol of determination and strong will. If you’re a natural warrior and someone who can combat most of his or her issues in your own way (or when using high force), this is for you!

5. Arm Dagger Tattoo Design


Go for the initials of your favorite (or least favorite) person, depending on the message that you’re trying to send with your tattoo. You can show that someone has won your heart over and that now you’re theirs with this initials tattoo, or you can say that they’re your nemesis and that you’ll forever try to fight them in your own way.

6. Bright & Colorful Dagger Tattoo


Bright, vibrant, and colorful, this dagger tattoo is a true masterpiece. It is a tattoo that is often worn by those who love wild and colorful creations, while the tattoo itself will take some time to master, so make sure that you book the best tattoo artist that you know of.

7. Fruit Dagger Tattoo


A dagger going through an orange (or a fruit of any sort) will send a symbolic yet funny message. Show the world that you’re tough yet truly juicy on the inside.

8. Blue Puma Dagger Tattoo


Puma is a tough animal, often seen as a symbol of determination and strong will. If you’re a natural warrior and someone who can combat most of his or her issues in your own way (or when using high force), this is for you!

9. Blue Butterfly Dagger Tattoo


A blue butterfly such as this one and a dagger combo is an interesting duo, often worn by women who enjoy feminine and elegant tattoos, as well as pure emotions that can be seen through one design.

10. Half Sleeve Dagger Tattoo


Half sleeve such as this one is for those who dare to rock something a tad bit more bold and more colorful. Go for a heart print and show that you’re always ready to commit, no matter how hard or tricky the situation can get.

11. Woman Dagger Tattoo


Try out a woman on top of a dagger tattoo if you’re trying to send a clear message – that life is sometimes tricky and that you may feel as if you’re stuck. However, with the right attitude and a positive mindset, you can make everything work in your favor.

12. Creative & Detailed Dagger Tattoo


A dagger tattoo such as this one will take you 3-4 hours to get. It is a wild and bold-looking design, often worn by guys who enjoy flashy and showy, as well as bigger ideas.

13. Spooky Dagger Tattoo


Those who live for the Halloween season and those who are somewhat childish in life or in their hearts might appreciate this tattoo the most. It is a fun and different type of dagger that not everyone will dare to rock.

14. Moon Dagger Tattoo


Cute and creative, this moon tattoo and dagger duo has that sailor moon vibe. If you’re someone who enjoys detailed ideas and you prefer to rock unique art, this dagger is the right pick for you.

15. Fun & Floral Dagger Tattoo


If you’re truly obsessed with flowers and you’re someone who loves nature itself, this tattoo will look amazing on you. You will come off as a peaceful soul and someone who has stopped combating negativism with a negative approach.

16. Feminine Dagger Tattoo


This light pastel dagger is a popular tattoo idea for women who enjoy cute and artsy ideas, as well as tattoos that can have their own feminine and elegant take. If you love to create and experiment with your design, this is a new one for you.

17. Cool Butterfly Dagger Tattoo


Lastly, you can also try out this light brown butterfly and a dagger duo. If you want to show your soul and the way that you’ve been treated in the past, yet that you’ve managed to keep your optimism and spirit way up high, book this tattoo right up.

And there you have it guys and girls. A list of tattoo ideas and creations that will pique your interest, we know it! So, which design do you like the most, and do you want to rock asap? Let us know, we can’t wait to see it on you.

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