Armband has been around for thousands of years. Ancient cultures like the Egyptians and Persians used armbands to show status or rank within their society. These days, armband tattoos are used as a symbol of power and strength, but they have also become more widely accepted as an artistic expression of self-confidence and personal identity.

Armband tattoos can be found on the wrist, forearm, or upper arm. They’re often colorful and bold, with geometrical shapes or floral designs. Armbands are also frequently used to cover up old tattoos that have been removed or faded.

An armband tattoo is a tattoo that is done over the arm and around the bicep. Oftentimes people tend to go for animal prints, pops of color, or solid black lines that represent that life has ended, making it a sentimental yet sad piece. You can go for anything that is personal or cool to you. Armband tattoos can be big, small, thin, or dramatic, often worn by those who dislike the needle or the tattooing process.

Armband tattoos can be about anything—from personal meanings to religious beliefs to cultural traditions. Because armbands are so versatile in their design and application, they can be used as a means of expression for anyone who wears them.

How Pricey Is An Armband Tattoo?

The price point always comes down to your tattoo artist and his or her level of experience. In most cases, you will pay around $90 for something simple and small, and up to $400 for bigger, bolder, more colorful, and more complex tattoos. Always aim for something that is within your budget and personal preference.

There are many different types of armband tattoos that you can get based on your personal style and preferences. Here are some popular types of armband tattoos:

Armband Tattoos For Men

1. Blue Armband Tattoo

Add a pop of blue and symbolize your inner peace and calmness with this design. This design also has that tribal design.

2. Small Wave Armband Tattoo

A wave stands for any troubles that may come your way, yet you’re prepared for them in your own way. If you’re cool, calm, and collected, this is for you.

3. Mountain Armband Tattoo

Gorgeous mountain tattoo that will symbolize your ups and downs, yet your will and how you can overcome them. Does this sound like you?

4. Lion Armband Tattoo For Guys

Assert dominance with this gorgeous lion print, perfect for men and women who are brave and bold. If you’re a zodiac lover this Leo tattoo will suit you.

5. Small Armband Tattoo Bird Print

Show your freedom and your will to travel and see the world with this bird tattoo. The armband tattoo below can also show that you are moaning about someone who has flown away far from you.

6. Armband Tattoo Family Portrait

If you’re a family person this armband tattoo will suit you so well. Go for it if you’re a family person.

7. Armband Tattoo Black Line

Cool armband tattoo that symbolizes a true warrior! Quick and easy to go for + it can show your hard moments.

8. Armband Tattoo Lion King Print

If you’re a cartoon lover this tattoo over your arm will suit you so well. Give it a go if you like black ink as well.

9. Armband Tattoo Nature Inspired

Small and petite, this armband tattoo will look great on most women. It also symbolizes your love for nature.

10. Armband Tattoo Cartoon Print

If you’re an old-school cartoon lover give it a go with this black ink outline. It will take you 1-2 hours to get it.

11. Armband Tattoo Circle

Perfect armband tattoo if you’re a fan of colors and rainbows. It can also tell a meaningful story.

12. Armband Tattoo Eagle Print

Show that you’re dominant and stubborn with this eagle armband tattoo. Perfect for warriors and honest individuals.

13. Armband Tattoo Tribal Idea

If you’re a fan of historic elements this tattoo is for you. It is intriguing and different. perfect for old souls.

14. Armband Tattoo Moon Phase

Small and minimalistic, this armband tattoo is super easy and convenient to go for. Show your love for the moon and nature with it.

15. Wave Print Armband Tattoo

Go for a wave print and symbolize your inner balance with this black and white armband tattoo.

16. Forest Armband Tattoo

Show that you’re a nature-lover and that you love to get lost in the wild with this black forest image.

17. Armband Tattoo Wolf Print

If you’re brave, bold, and dominant this wolf tattoo is perfect for you! Give it a go over your forearm.

18. Armband Tattoo Rainbow Design

Show your quirky side and optimistic personality with this rainbow armband design.

Armband Tattoos For Women

1. Cute Cat Armband Tattoo

Cat lovers will adore this forearm armband tattoo. Perfect for both genders and animal lovers.

2. Floral Armband Tattoo

Floral and elegant, this tattoo is for women who like romantic tattoo ideas.

3. Small & Delicate Armband Tattoo

This armband tattoo is for women who like small and delicate ideas, as well as those who dislike the tattooing process.

4. Armband Tattoo Sea Inspired

Bright blue and stunning, this tattoo will suit mysterious people the best who have a calm persona.

5. Colorful Armband Tattoo For Women

Cool and colorful, this tattoo is for anyone who likes petite tattoos and minimalism.

6. Funny Mushrooms Armband Tattoo

Show your quirky side and your funny character with this mushroom print.

7. Pumpkin Armband Tattoo

Pumpkin tattoos are for men or women who want to look quirky and funny with their chosen design.

8. City Outline Armband Tattoo

Go for an outline of your favorite city and give it a go with this armband design.

9. Thin Line Armband Tattoo

Thin, simple, and cute, this tattoo is for women who like elegant and minimalistic tattoos.

10. Armband Tattoo Floral Design

If you’re a fan of flowers this armband tattoo is for you. Simple and quick and easy to go for.

11. Black Leaf Armband Tattoo

Minimalistic and cute, this arm tattoo is for those who like simplicity and low-key ideas.

12. Simple Small Armband Tattoo

Invest 2-3 hours when getting this tattoo, perfect for both genders.

Want To Get Inked?

Are you ready for your next tattoo? Want to get inked? If so, which design do you like and fancy the most? Picking just one can be tricky, but you should know that you can never go wrong when it comes to these unique, colorful, or personalized tattoos.

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